2013 International Workshop
on FFAG Accelerators

September 21-24, 2013

TRIUMF, Vancouver BC, Canada
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All sessions take place in the TRIUMF Auditorium

The links below lead to Powerpoint or Adobe Acrobat files of the speakers' slides.
Video recordings are also available at the TRIUMF Mediasite.

Saturday, 21 September
8:30 Registration
9:00 S. Koscielniak (for L. Merminga) Welcome by the Head of TRIUMF's Accelerator Division
1. Recent Results (Chair: Michael Craddock)
9:10 Yoshihiro Ishi Current Status of KURRI FFAG
9:55 Shinji Machida What we learned from EMMA
10:40 Break
11:10 Tomonori Uesugi Optimization of H- beam injection in KURRI FFAG
11:50 Yujiro Yonemura Current status of beam commissioning of FFAG accelerator at Kyushu University
12:30 Lunch (provided in the Board Room)
2. New concepts (Chair: Chris Prior)
14:00 J-B Lagrange (for Y. Mori) Muons and FFAGs
14:45 Carol Johnstone Ultra-compact CW racetrack nsFFAGs
15:30 Break
16:00 Jean-Baptiste Lagrange FFAG heavy ion injector at JPARC.
16:45 Dejan Trbojevic Non-scaling linear FFAGs for eRHIC
17:30 Reception (in the Cafeteria Courtyard)
Sunday, 22 September
3A. Beam dynamics (Chair: François Méot)
9:00 Shane Koscielniak Optimum Serpentine Acceleration in Scaling FFAGs
9:45 Jimmy Garland Results From a Slow Integer Tune Crossing in the EMMA Non-Scaling FFAG
10:30 Break
3B. Computer codes (Chair: François Méot)
11:00 Thomas Planche Building an FFAG or a Cyclotron around its Orbits
11:45 Andreas Adelmann OPAL & FFAGs
12:30 Lunch (provided in the Board Room)
4. KURRI-FFAG Collaboration (Chair: Shinji Machida)
13:15                                                (Discussion)
Monday, 23 September
5A. Computer codes (Chair: Dejan Trbojevic)
9:00 Carol Johnstone Advanced FFAG and Cyclotron Design and Modeling Software using COSY Infinity
9:50 Yi-Nong Rao 50 Years of Cyclotrons Designed Using CYCLOPS
10:30 Break
5B. Computer Codes & New Concepts (Chair: Dejan Trbojevic)
11:00 Peter McIntyre Strong-Focusing Cyclotron: FFAG for High-Current Applications
11:40 François Méot An All-Purpose 6-D Tracking Code, Zgoubi
12:35 Lunch Break
6. New concepts & technology (Chair: Shane Koscielniak)
14:00 François Méot EMMA prototype FFAG, numerical simulation of experimental data
14:35 Michael Craddock A new class of radial-sector cyclotrons inspired by isochronous FFAGs
15:10 Dejan Trbojevic Large momentum acceptance carbon ion gantry
15:45 Break
16:15 Willem Kleeven Dynamic behaviour of the S2C2 magnetic circuit
16:50 Carol Johnstone High gradient superconducting cavity development for FFAGs
17:30 End of session
17:50 Bus leaves for TRIUMF House and restaurant
19:00 Dinner at Seasons in the Park Restaurant
Tuesday, 24 September
7. Future prospects (Chair: Carol Johnstone)
9:00 Jean-Baptiste Lagrange FFAG racetrack ring for NuStorm project.
9:45 Jaroslaw Pasternak Status of studies on muon FFAGs & PRISM injection system
10:30 Break
11:00 Jaroslaw Pasternak Nonlinear Non-scaling FFAGs and their applications
11:20 Shinji Machida Report on the KURRI-FFAG Collaboration
11:30 End of Workshop


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